Performance swaybars

performance swaybars performance swaybars

For a truly enhanced drive experience, choose performance swaybars.

If you want sharper steering, enhanced handling and better traction in all driving scenarios, you should look at purchasing performance swaybars. You'll find a huge range of performance sway bars, also known as anti-roll bars, which include special features, materials and design.

Do you need standard swaybars, or performance swaybars?

Standard swaybars will do you just fine in most circumstances, but if you're looking for that extra enhancement to steering, handling and grip in all scenarios, you should check out the multitude of performance swaybar kits out there.

What makes performance swaybars so special?

Performance sway bars are a step above the standard due to a three step powered coating process, superior lock rings and advanced bushings which ensure a super-easy installation. The bushings used in a performance swaybar kit are designed to match OE sizes so you can reuse the OE brackets.

What to look for in performance swaybars.

If you're checking aftermarket off road sway bars, make sure you choose a brand that's been around a long time, on a global scale. That way you know you're getting years of engineering expertise behind the construction, development and testing of the product you're buying.

What to expect from performance swaybars?

Enhanced grip, superior handling and a more precise off driving experience both on road and off road awaits you after you've fitted performance sway bars.

What if your vehicle is not designed for or supplied with swaybars?

Some off road vehicles, like a number of dual cab utes, are not factory fitted with swaybars and are clearly not designed for uses that will need swaybars. But the fact is, many drivers are modifying these vehicles with lift kit upgrades in order to use them for things like towing and constant heavy loads... which can lead to poor turning capability, alignment problems and reduced grip.

And in many such cases, performance swaybars actually solve these issues... so get shopping!

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  1. SU-000032
    Swaybar Relocation Kit to suit Hilux N80/Revo/GGUN
    This swaybar relocation kit  helps in correcting your front swaybar links to th...
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  2. SU-000328
    Hilux HD Adjustable Sway bar
    VMN offers HD adjustable sway bar links that are compatible with your Toyota Hil...
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  3. EF-10-1108
    EFS Hilux Revo Swaybar Relocator
    VMN offers EFS swaybar relocator for Toyota Hilux and Revo models. 
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