Ball joints

Ball joints: Keeping your control arm safely connected to the steering knuckle.

The ball joint is an important part of your vehicle, it's the bearing which connects the control arms to the steering knuckle. It looks just like a steel stud and socket, in a steel case which is specially created to connect into the tapered hole of the steering knuckle.

The two types of ball joints: Encapsulated (sealed) or Mechanical (greasable)?

There are two main types of ball joint: Encapsulated (sealed) and Mechanical (Greasable).

Encapsulated ball joints

Encapsulated ball joints are designed to be 'sealed for life', which means they are totally maintenance free. They are smoother to the touch during articulation and are principally made for passenger vehicles.

Mechanical ball joints

Mechanical ball joints are not sealed and are come with grease nipples for the regular lubrication that's required. You are advised to maintain these mechanical joints every time you change the oil. Mechanical ball joints are usually found in older vehicles, light commercial or four wheel drives because they are more appropriate for vehicles which carry loads.

Don't worry, your vehicle's manufacturer will let you know which type you need.

The manufacturer of your vehicle will have specified whether your vehicle requires encapsulated or mechanical ball joints, so simply look to the operation manual or look online. You'll never need to worry about which type ball joint you need.

What happens when your ball joints fail?

Ball joints are the pivot between the wheels and your vehicle's suspension, performing a vital function in ensuring the safe operation of steering and suspension. When the ball joint fails, wheel angles are put out and control is lost, so your vehicle stops suddenly.

Ball joints can become loose with wear and tear over time, which will push wheel alignment out and cause tyre damage. Loose joints can also lead to suspension noise, like a strange clanging sound when you go over a hump. So, be sure to get them serviced regularly!


Before you purchase a ball joint, please do your research and make sure you only purchase quality product from established brands. There's a lot of choice on the market and it's not all great... good ball joints will high static, dynamic load capabilities, low fiction, smooth operation and longer wear.

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