Coil spacers

For a quick & easy lift, you need coil spacers... but pay attention to safety.

It's true that coil spacers are a fast and simple method to achieve lift to the front of your vehicle. In fact it's this easy: Pull out the strut, insert the spacer between the strut and the chassis mount, and that's it. But there are some important safety considerations.

Coil spacers have always been celebrated as a quick lift, but things have changed.

Coil spacers have long been used on solid axle vehicles for a quick lift, but these days the operation does not transfer well to many modern off road vehicles. That's because the geometry of a modern off road vehicle's suspension dictates that the lift from a coil spacer will be double the spacer height.

Put simply, a 25mm coil spacer will give you 50mm of lift. Great, right? Well yes, kind of, but that extra lift could come at the cost of the safety of you and your passengers.

Coil spacer danger explained.

The downwards movement of the top of the strut like this changes the suspension geometry, which can result in two big problems. To start with, the extreme angle on the top ball joint can make it bind in normal circumstances.

And then there's the uptravel... where the strut can 'top out' and cause flexing or failure.

So what's the solution?

If you are going to use coil spacers, you will need to extend your bump stops to ensure they engage before the huge forces cause havoc with your vehicle and cause damage. One exception could be a small trimming coil spacer, usually only about 6mm thick, which on occasion is used with a suspension lift in fine tuning the final lift height.

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  1. EF-10-1142
    EFS Strut Top to suit Dodge Ram 1500 (50mm lift)
    EFS Strut Top-Dodge Ram 1500 DS 3L Diesel & 5.7L V8 Petrol (50mm lift) --...
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  2. SU-000344
    VMN 6mm Strut Spacer to Suit Hilux 2005-2020 and on (2 requi...
    Australian made by VMN. This 6mm Strut spacer is custom designed to suit the Toy...
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  3. EF-10-1091
    EFS Multi Fit Strut Top Spacer 6Mm
    VMN offers strut top spacer to help lift your 4WD vehicle from 10-20mm. The EFS ...
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  4. SU-000001
    25mm Coil Spacer for Toyota Hilux 2005-18+ Vigo, Revo, KUN26...
    VMN offers coil spacers as an easy, convenient, and affordable way to perform a ...
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