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There are hundreds of body lift kit accessories... but here's all you need to know.

As body lift kits have developed over time, hundreds of accessories have been innovated to help give the best possible finish across your vehicle. And the right accessory for you will depend on many variables like your driving style, the conditions you drive in, and your price range.

If you're in the market for body lift kit accessories, read this now!

You almost certainly haven't got time to talk through every possible body lift kit accessory right now, but that's OK, because you don't have to... we've put together a few hundred words of essential information which, once you've had a read, will guide your purchase decisions perfectly.

Think about the little things.

When you're reviewing what body lift kit accessories you need, think outside the box for best results. For example, an intercooler space which allows you to mount a fan will enable you to drive at low speed without overheating your motor or heat sink.

Choose body lift kits to save cash, but...

Body lift kits are less expensive than suspension lifts, but you should beware that they may not deliver the same experience with height, handling, or ground clearance.

You might need accessories to finish the job.

Your vehicle may require additional accessories over and above what was supplied in the main kit. For example, depending on the height, additional accessories might be needed to lift the bumpers or extend the gear lever.

Road conditions can drive your accessory choice.

For example, if you will be driving off-road on bumpy tracks a lot, you can get accessories that lower the impact transmitted through your vehicle.

Don't expect enhanced suspension or drive experience.

A body lift kit will raise your vehicle higher, but it won't improve suspension or enhance the drive... there is no body lift kit accessory that can make that happen, so don't bother looking.

It might be best to start low & work your way up.

A body lift kit is a fantastic way to add a "bigger" look to your vehicle, enhance its performance, or increase its ability to tow big loads. Choosing the right lift depends on what you want from your vehicle, so if you're not sure, you should start low, experiment with body lift kit accessories, educate yourself on how to handle the changes effectively, and see if you're left desperate for more height.

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  1. BL-000100
    2021 and on Hilux Body Lift intercooler hose fixit kit (turb...
    The turbo side Intercooler hose on the 2021 Toyota Hilux gets kinked when fittin...
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  2. BL-000036
    Radiator overflow bottle relocation kit For Toyota Hilux 200...
    VMN offers radiator relocation kit to relocate your radiator bottle after a body...
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  3. BL-000029
    Engine Cover Spacer For Top Mount Intercooler
    VMN offers a top-mount intercooler spacer suitable for 4WD vehicles with D4D die...
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  4. BL-000084
    VMN Mudskirt Kit to suit Toyota Hilux with 50mm body lift 05...
    Extended mudskirts to keep mud out of the engine bay after fitting a 50mm body l...
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