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mud skirt kits mud skirt kits

Protecting your engine is paramount, that's why you need mud skirt kits.

Once you've had a body lift on your vehicle, your undercarriage and engine are left more exposed to rocks, dust, and water thrown up as you drive. But this threat is easily avoided after installing a body lift by fitting a decent mud skirt kit, which will fully protect your vehicle in all conditions.

Once you've body lifted your vehicle, you'll need a decent mud skirt kit.

Following a body lift on your vehicle, there is typically a gap between the chassis rails and the body, which means mud from the tires will shoot out of the wheel arch and up into your engine, scattering lots of harmful mess, which could ultimately smother a petrol engine ignition system.

And while many manufacturers install a set of mud skirts which cover the gap between the chassis rail and the body to prevent this, they are generally held in place with plastic clips. The mud skirts may stretch with a body lift initially, but sooner or later they will fail.

Extended mud skirt kits are the answer, but should you DIY it?

Of course, the answer to stopping this mud from getting where it shouldn't is to fit an extended set of mud skirts to cover this gap. Extended mud skirts are quite simple to make yourself, but bear in mind that the material you need is expensive, and you only need a small amount of it. Plus, it may be easy, but it sure does take a lot of time.

A much faster and ultimately cheaper fix is purchasing a pre-made extended mud skirt kit that has already been CNC cut from insertion rubber and comes with strands of fabric that act as strength reinforcement.

The lowdown on cutting extended mud skirts.

There are a number of methods to choose from when it comes to cutting your mud skirts, but by far the best and most accurate is CNC water jet cutting, which also eliminates the potential for damage to the rubber. Another option is molding the mud skirts from rubber, but it's expensive.


By the time you weigh up all the costs of making and fitting extended mud skirts yourself, it will almost certainly be more expensive and more time-consuming than simply buying a decent all-inclusive mud skirt kit.

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