Sports bars

Because sports bars are about much more than better looks.

Sports bars are by far one of the most sought after off road accessories. Sports bars give your vehicle a quintessential off road look, rugged and tough and stylish. But believe it or not, there's a valuable practical benefit to having sports bars fitted, especially if you do a lot of off road driving.

Good looks are just the beginning with sports bars... they add priceless safety too.

Off roading is heaps of fun, but it can be dangerous, too. Of course you do expose yourself to a much higher risk of rolling your vehicle over, especially when you're off roading across tougher terrain... because sports bars assist in passenger protection, strengthening and protecting your chassis.

Before you start shopping, remember they are also known "roll bars".

The different terminology used for different off road vehicle parts in different parts of the world or by various manufacturers can be confusing, and may catch you out if you're searching for parts online. So, the first thing to remember about sports bars, is that they are also known as "roll bars".

Then there are some other important things to know about sports bars...

Sports bars come in different sizes for different uses

If you're just after a sportier, sexier look a standard size set of sports bars will do you just fine. But by choosing sports bars with a bigger diameter, you can also enhance the practical capability of your vehicle as a workhorse.

Sports bars come in different looks to suit your taste

You won't find a set of sports bars that don't look fantastic, they cannot fail to enhance your beloved vehicle's aesthetics, but there are different methods of construction and finishes to suit your taste... are you a polished stainless steel kind of person, or do you prefer a tough powder coated black finish? Decisions, decisions...

Sports bars are superb for mounting spotlights

If you need or want to mount spotlights on you vehicle, sports bars are pre-fitted with mounting points for super easy installation of spotlights - what a fantastic bonus.

Sports bars are really easy to fit

Most makes of sports bars feature really easy DIY installation if you're the type who likes to take care of things yourself. If you do engage a professional to do it for you, it shouldn't take long and so shouldn't cost too much.

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    EGR Sports Bars to Suit Ford Ranger PX Models
    EGR's stainless steel sports bars compliment with EGR's other spares parts like ...
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