Body LIfts to Suit Styleside

Important information about body lift kits for styleside utes.

A styleside ute is the pressed metal tub or well body load carrying area which is factory fitted to the vehicle. When you are considering a body lift for a styleside ute, it's important that you consider a number of very important factors before you make your decision.

Things to think about when you choose a body lift for a styleside ute.

Make sure you choose a quality body lift kit

It's imperative that you select a quality body lift kit when thinking about a styleside ute... a decent styleside body lift kit will include sufficient spacers to lift the tray, and metal blocks fixed to the chassis in order to support "override" pads - which are mounted to the tub and rest on the chassis.

Think about the loads you're going to carry

A decent styleside body lift kit is designed to support an uneven load when it's chucked into the tray of your ute. Some manufacturers cut corners here by using a rubber spacer which is loosely held in place with wire or cable ties around the chassis rail - so make sure your kit does this correctly.

Make sure your kit includes fuel filler relocation hardware

Another key consideration with Styleside utes is to make sure the hardware required to extend or relocate the fuel filler hose is included, because the fuel filler will end up 50mm higher above the fuel tank when installed.

And should a replacement fuel filler hose be included, ensure it has two crucial elements: To start with, of course, it must be resistant to fuel (this may sound silly but you'd be surprised with some of the lower quality products). This is very important, especially in vehicles which use sticky diesel.

And secondly, the new replacement fuel filler hose should be reinforced with wire, which makes sure it does not kink and blocks fuel from entering your fuel tank. Plus, of course, you need to make sure the extension piece is actually long enough - many drivers get caught out by this.


Fuel hose extensions are expensive and often come in small sections, so look for a supplier who buys in bulk and offers to cut the hose to the length you need at a great price.

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