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To sway bar, or not to sway bar, that is the question...

Whether or not sway bars are a good fit on an off-road vehicle is a hotly debated issue. On one side of the argument, is that some people say sway bars limit articulation and removing them enables better performance. On the other side, it's illegal and significantly less safe to remove them.

To begin with: Don't believe the hype about removable sway bars!

Before we get into any information about sway bars, we should talk about removable sway bars, which have been touted as the answer to the age old conundrum of whether to fit sway bars or not. Many drivers have tried them out, but the feedback out there at this stage is not great.

Adjustable sway bars however are tried and tested.

Why are sway bars so important?

The core function of a sway bar, which is connected to the front, rear or both sets of wheels is resistance to the vehicle's tendency to roll as it corners, helping to keep weight on the inside wheels as the vehicle takes the corner - increasing grip and cornering control.

How does a sway bar work?

A sway bar works by resisting the twisting force applied to it when one wheel moves lower or higher than the other wheel, transferring weight from one side of the vehicle to the other. As that resistance takes place, the sway bar essentially tries to keep the wheels as level as possible.

The sway bar is mounted to the suspension control arms and connects your vehicle's suspension components on either side... they run through bushings to ensure there is no up and down movement, only the necessary twisting.

So, as the vehicle turns a corner and weight moves from one side to the other, the natural effect of the wheel on one side moving up is counteracted by the sway bar twisting and forcing the weight back to the originating side of the vehicle. The vehicle begins to level out, the roll action minimised.

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  1. EF-10-1125
    EFS Sway Bar Bush to suit Toyota Vigo 2005-2015 (40mm lift)
    EFS Sway Bar Bush-Toyota Vigo 2005-2015 (40mm lift)
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  2. SU-000032
    Swaybar Relocation Kit to suit Hilux N80/Revo/GGUN
    This swaybar relocation kit  helps in correcting your front swaybar links to th...
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  3. SU-000328
    Hilux HD Adjustable Sway bar
    VMN offers HD adjustable sway bar links that are compatible with your Toyota Hil...
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  4. EF-10-1108
    EFS Hilux Revo Swaybar Relocator
    VMN offers EFS swaybar relocator for Toyota Hilux and Revo models. 
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  5. EF-10-1090
    EFS Hilux / Prado Frt Swaybar Relocation Kit
    VMN offers EFS swaybar relocator for Prado and Toyota Hilux models. 
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  6. SU-000327
    Adjustable Swaybar Link for Hilux Vigo/Revo
    VMN offers adjustable swaybar links that complements your 4x4 vehicle after a su...
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