Shackles and pins

Shackles & pins... holding together your driving experience.

When it comes to suspension kits, it's important to include greasable shackles and pins wherever possible. Greasable shackles ensure that the bushes are lubricated sufficiently. Unless greased, the pins will be hard to remove from the vehicle and in many cases will require cutting off.

A lot of the time shackles and pins are overlooked when it comes to upgrading the suspension of a vehicle, which is surprising given the difference they can make... a greasable shackle and bush will ensure the rear end of your vehicle handles excellently in any scenario.

A vehicle's original shackles and fixed pins can corrode over time and damage the bushings, lessening the stabilization of the rear axle. On solid rear axle vehicles, worn or damaged bushes will create movement and veering across the road, not to mention inferior stability under heavy braking.

Your quick check list on whether you need new shackles & pins:

  • Your rubber bushings show signs of wear & tear
  • You're fitting bigger wheels or tyres
  • Your vehicle tows a trailer, boat or caravan
  • Your vehicle ride height has changed
  • Your vehicle carries lots of heavy loads

If you tick any box above, you need new shackles & pins!

Don't be bamboozled by all the different shackle sizes. You'll find there's a wide range small, medium and large D-shackles or bow shackles, and these products will often also include pin size. Something to look for is that key measurements given with any D-shackle specifications will be the diameter of the material used in the body section... the pin measurements will typically be longer than this. It's important to keep the right sizing top of mind when making a shackle purchase, as this is the crucial measurement that drives the suitability of any shackle for use under certain loads.

Your top shackles & pins tip!

Other measurements, like the pin length or the distance between the shackle body eyes, is very useful to know throughout the whole life cycle of the shackle because this information can help you work out when you've got warping over time... a shackle which has an eye-to-eye distance that goes above what's written in the manufacturer's specs should be avoided.

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  1. EF-GR389
    Upgrade your Ford Ranger's suspension with our premium Greasable Leaf Spring Sha...
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  2. EF-GR350
    EFS Swing Shackle to suit Toyota Landcruiser 1980-1986 (50mm...
    EFS Swing Shackle to suit Toyota Landcruiser 1980-1986 (50mm Lift)
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  3. EF-GR396
    EFS Swing Shackle to suit Isuzu D-Max 8-2020 onwards (45mm l...
    EFS Swing Shackle-Isuzu D-Max 8-2020 onwards (45mm lift)
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  4. RX-GSK710102
    Red Springs Shackle and Bush Kit to Suit Toyota Hilux 2015 ...
    Red Springs gereasable shackle and bush kit to suit Toyota Hilux 20015 and on (R...
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  5. CO-000045
    Toyota Hilux 2015 on / Revo N80 - Greasable Pin Rear
    VMN offers greaseable shackle pins to mount your leaf springs and provide lubric...
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  6. CO-000044
    Toyota Hilux 2015 on / Revo N80 - Greasable Shackles Rear
    VMN offers greasable rear shackles you need to extend your bushes' life after a ...
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  7. CO-000038
    Toyota Hilux 2005-15 Vigo Greasable Shackles Rear
    Should you decide to alter your rare suspension, VMN recommends you also purchas...
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  8. SU-000261
    Greasable Shackle for Toyota Hilux Revo 15-18+
    Greasable shackle with mounitng holes for headlight adjuster. Zinc platedĀ Image...
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  9. SU-000236
    Greasable Shackle for Toyota Hilux 05-15
    Greasable Shackle for Toyota Hilux 2005-15Machined pins to disperse grease, zinc...
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  10. EF-GR387
    VMN offers high-quality EFS greasable swing shackles to extend your bush life af...
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  11. SU-000306
    Extended Shackles to Suit Hilux Vigo/N70/KUN26
    VMN's extended greasable shackles help extend your suspension lift by 40mm. Simp...
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  12. SU-000304
    Extended Shackles to Suit Hilux Revo/N80/GGUN
    These greasable extended shackles will add approximately 40mm of lift
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