Rear wheel carriers

Deep dive into the big world of rear wheel carriers.

As the name suggests, a Rear Wheel Carrier is the bit of kit that you fit to the back of your vehicle in order to carry a spare wheel. And while you might think that choosing a brand and type of Rear Wheel Carrier should be simple and straight forward, there are still some factors to bear in mind.

Rear Wheel Carriers carry the wheel & also deliver extra functionality.

If you thought Rear Wheel Carriers just carried your spare wheel, think again! If you choose the right make and model, a good Rear Wheel Carrier can enrich your drive in a number of other ways... check out this guide to Rear Wheel Carrier functionality.

  • Look for all or at least some of these options in your Rear Wheel Carrier
  • Jerry can carriers can be fitted as an option on the majority of vehicles
  • Most good brands can accommodate twin 33" wheels or a single 35" wheel
  • Rear Wheel Carriers should be mounted via dual shear pivots for optimal strength
  • Your spare tyre should be affixed to the stud plate, with a lock nut and padlock option
  • Multi fit spare wheel stud systems provide flexibility for an alternate rim selection
  • Wing sections should be able to be removed and replaced if they sustain damage
  • Should incorporate heavy duty towing systems, or integrate with original system
  • Look for dual, laminated towing points and hi-lift jacking points
  • Look for an extruded alloy step section
  • Good brands are supplied in a durable powder coat finish with optional colour coding
  • There should be provision to mount an optional HF aerial bracket and camp light


While it's true that, when you have the spare tyre mounted on the back door, you may experience a tricky door assembly process, when you have the spare wheel underneath your vehicle it's difficult to access, is more likely to get damaged and may negatively affect the ground clearance you get when driving off road. So, both of these mounting methods can prove unsuitable, especially if you prefer a larger tyre size. Choose carefully!


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    Twin Rear Wheel Carrier for Toyota Hilux 2005-17+ Styleside
    VMN's Twin wheel carrier gives you the ultimate in rear-end protection plus imp...
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