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The VMN Body Lift kit for the Toyota Hilux is what established the VMN brand. Little did we know 10 years ago when starting to manufacture the kit as an after hours hobby that it would form the basis of a full-time business that now operates from dedicated commercial warehouse and manufacturing facilities in Acacia Ridge, Queensland., Australia.

The VMN body lift has been so successful because of our commitment to deliver a complete product to our customers and our quest for continuous improvement. This has led to the inclusion of a number of additional components over the years without increasing prices to our customers. It's hard to believe that in 2019, 10 years after the initial launch, we are still enhancing the product.

One of the things that sets our body lift kits apart from any others worldwide is our attention to detail in the components we include and the quality of our instructions which have been honed by user feedback over many years. For our non-English speaking customers we provide instructions in their native language with their purchase.

The VMN body lift raises the body of the vehicle 50mm above the chassis by inserting 50mm spacers between the chassis and the body. We do not manufacture any other height. To achieve a 50mm body lift, a number of other components need modifying and the most difficult of these is to extend the steering shaft in such a way that it remains safe by ensuring recommended spline engagement is maintained, universal joints are not overextended and this critical vehicle steering system remains compliant with government regulations.

We include radiator drop brackets to ensure the radiator remains centered on the fan, air inlet extensions and fuel filler extended brackets and longer fuel filler hoses if required. We also include radiator bottle relocation brackets to prevent damage to the radiator overflow bottle from the air conditioning pulley if required. As part of the product family we also offer mud skirt kits to prevent mud from the wheel arches entering the engine bay. For vehicles with top mount intercoolers, we have a spacer that raises the engine cover so it seals around the bonnet scope to retain airflow through the intercooler. This has been designed to allow the mounting of an intercooler fan for additional cooling under extreme offroad conditions.

Please be aware of inferior competitor products. We know that if you don't extend the steering when fitting a body lift, there is a high probability the steering shaft will snap from constant flexing offroad. Also be aware that zinc coated or welded steering extensions are not permitted in any Australian state due to the risk of failure. To this day, the VMN steering extension remains the only one we are aware of that meets Australian Design Rule (ADR) requirements and is backed by independent engineering analysis. That's why we issue a certificate with every body lift kit we sell so that vehicle engineers Australia wide can be confident that our body lift kit is compliant and safe to fit where engineering approval is required.

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  1. BL-000061
    VMN Trayback Body lift kit for the Toyota Hilux 2021 and on
     VMN's trayback body lift kit provides an easy to fit solution to raise the...
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  2. BL-000060
    VMN Body Lift kit for Styleside Toyota Hilux 2021-2024 and o...
    VMN offers an approved and enginnered body lift kit with full documentation and ...
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  3. BL-000109
    Body Lift kit to suit Nissan Navara NP300 - tub back
    The VMN 50mm body lift kit for the Nissan Navara NP300 is the ultimate upgrade f...
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  4. EF-10-1143
    EFS Extended Ball Joint to suit Nissan Navara D40 2009-2011 ...
    EFS Extended Ball Joint-Nissan Navara D40 2009-2011 (30mm lift)
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  5. EQ-FTN55
    Fuel Tank Navara to suit NP300 03/2015 (150Ltr)
    Fuel Tank Navara-NP300 03/2015 (150Ltr)
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  6. BL-000100
    2021 and on Hilux Body Lift intercooler hose fixit kit (turb...
    The turbo side Intercooler hose on the 2021 Toyota Hilux gets kinked when fittin...
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  7. BL-000042
    VMN Tub Bolt Kit for Hilux Vigo/N70 (2005-15)
    VMN offers complete set of bolts, nuts, and other components suitable for Hilux ...
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  8. BL-000013
    Toyota Hilux 2015-2016 and on (N80) Radiator Drop Bracket Ki...
    VMN's complete kit contains all the bolts and components needed to fit your Hilu...
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  9. BL-000012
    Toyota Hilux Radiator Drop Bracket Kit
    VMN's drop brackets kit ensures your radiator shroud is mounted and retained in ...
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  10. BL-000017
    VMN Tub Bolt Kit N80 (15+) and N70 Extracab
    VMN Tub Bolt Kit includes bolts, nuts, and washers to secure your vehicle's tub ...
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  11. BL-000023
    VMN Trayback body Lift kit for Toyota Hilux 2005-2015 Petrol
    VMN offers a complete Body Lift Kit that is easy to install to support the petro...
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  12. BL-000024
    VMN Trayback body Lift kit for Toyota Hilux 2005-2015 Diesel
    VMN takes pride in offering a comprehensive body lift kit specifically designed ...
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