Exactly what are bushes & why do you need them?

Put simply, the function of your vehicle's suspension is to enable up and down movement. And that movement creates vibrations and noise which travels into your vehicle's cabin... and if it wasn't for suspension bushes, the noise and vibration in the cabin would be much, much worse.

Suspension bushes uncovered: All the questions you could ask.

Suspension bushes are essentially cushions mostly made of rubber and polyurethane. Mounted on car suspension and steering joints, bushes absorb road bumps, control the degree of movement in the joints, and minimise noise and vibrations.

Anything else you could possibly want to know should be covered in the following Q&A:

How long do car bushings last?

Bushes usually expire between 90,000 and 100,000 miles, although they may wear out quicker should your drive often involve things like large potholes, or if you've had a high impact collision. Individual components like ball joints might also wear out.

How often should bushes be replaced?

At the front or lower control arm, bushes should be replaced at least once during your vehicle's lifetime. Unavoidable aging symptoms include the rubber drying up and leading to bad cracking.

Is it safe to drive with bad bushes?

While a bad control arm bushing is not technically unsafe, it could still mess with your driving experience.

How many bushes does a vehicle have?

Control arms typically have two bushes, in some cases only one, depending on the suspension design.

What does a faulty bush sound like?

If you hear a knocking or a thumping noise, particularly when going over bumps, this may mean there is worn bad control bushes in your vehicle - the sound is caused by worn bushes ceasing to hold the control arm in situ, so it moves around.

A little known piece of priceless information about bushes...

...if your vehicle is pulling to one side, it's not necessarily wheel alignment or tyre pressure - it could also be bad bushes!

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  1. EF-UK866
    Upgrade your Ford Ranger's suspension with our comprehensive Suspension Bush Kit...
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  2. EF-10-1050BK
    BUSH KIT FOR GQ Patrol Panhard Rod 10-1050 & 10-1051
    BUSH KIT-GQ Patrol Panhard Rod 10-1050 & 10-1051
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  3. EF-10-1125
    EFS Sway Bar Bush to suit Toyota Vigo 2005-2015 (40mm lift)
    EFS Sway Bar Bush-Toyota Vigo 2005-2015 (40mm lift)
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  4. EF-10-1012
    EFS Panhard Rod Bush to suit Ford F250 2000-2007 (40mm lift)
    EFS Panhard Rod Bush-Ford F250 2000-2007 (40mm lift)
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  5. EF-THX-50P
    EFS Rear Leaf Spring to suit Toyota Hilux Gun 08/2015 Onward...
    EFS Rear Leaf Spring to suit Toyota Hilux Gun 08/2015 Onward(200kg)-200kg consta...
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  6. RX-GSK710102
    Red Springs Shackle and Bush Kit to Suit Toyota Hilux 2015 ...
    Red Springs gereasable shackle and bush kit to suit Toyota Hilux 20015 and on (R...
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  7. CO-000027
    Toyotata Hilux Vigo 2005-2015 Bush Kit for Upper Control Ar...
    Aside from our upper control arms, VMN also provides ball joints replacement aft...
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  8. CO-000006
    Toyota Hilux Revo 2015-17+ Upper Control Arm replacement bus...
    Replacement Upper control arm bush kit to suit SPC Upper control arms. Please ch...
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  9. EF-UK766
    Hilux Shackle Bush Kit (Uk766)
    VMN offers EFS Polyurethane bush kits made from elastomers for higher isolating ...
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  10. CO-000019
    Toyota Hilux Revo 2015-17+ Strut top bush
    VMN offers replacement strut bush kit for DIYY fitment in your Hilux front strut...
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  11. CO-000035
    Toyota Hilux 2005-15 Vigo Strut Top Bush
    VMN offers top strut heavy-duty bush kits as a replacement for your Toyota 05-15...
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  12. CO-000037
    Toyota Hilux 2005-15 Polyurethane Bush Kit for rear leaf sus...
    VMN offers a comprehensive Polyurethane Bush Kit that supports your rear leaf sp...
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