4x4 body lift kits

For the ultimate vehicle body lift: Body lift kits that raise the bar.

If there’s one thing you need when thinking about raising the body of your vehicle, it’s peace of mind that you have a first class kit. At VMN, we insist on stocking nothing but the best body lift kits, to ensure we maintain quality that sets us apart from other global suppliers.

From quality of components to user-friendly instructions, simply better body lift kits.

VMN body lift kits raise the body of your vehicle 50mm above the chassis with 50mm spacers between the chassis and the body. To ensure the perfect 50mm body lift, various other components and actions are required (our body lift kits carry all parts referred to below:

Extended steering shaft

Ensures correct spline engagement is maintained and universal joints do not become overextended (it is essential that the vehicle steering is compliant with government regulations).

Radiator drop brackets

Ensures the radiator is centred on the fan (air inlet extensions, fuel filler extended brackets and longer fuel filler hoses may also be needed).

Radiator bottle relocation brackets

Stops damage to the radiator overflow bottle from the air conditioning pulley.

Mud skirt kits

Stop muds from the wheel arches entering the engine bay.

Spacers for vehicles with top mount intercoolers

Lifts the engine cover and seals the bonnet scope, keeping air flow through the intercooler (design enables extra intercooler fan cooling for demanding off road performance)

Essential accessories

Our body lift kits also include bolts, brackets, extensions and spacers.

!!! WARNING !!!

Do not choose a supplier of body lift kits which is not Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliant!

Quality and safety is everything when it comes to body lift kits, so atVMN we make it our business to ensure we are Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliant across the board. Please beware of body kit suppliers with low grade component parts. 

Body lift kit “top 3” tips to watch out for: 

  1. Make sure the steering is extended carrying out a body lift, otherwise it’s quite likely that the steering shaft will snap with ongoing flexing off road. 
  2. Zinc coated or welded steering extensions are not allowed under any Australian state law, given the lack of propensity of failure. 
  3. Make sure you get a quality standard certificate with your body lift kit – like that issued by VMN – to give you complete peace of mind on compliance and safety.


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