Fender Flares

What Fender Flares are for & why you might need them.

Fender flares are an awesome accessory, an extension of your vehicle which is fitted over your wheel and custom contoured to match the body lines of your vehicle. The main purpose of a fender flare is to stop your wheels throwing mud, rocks and other debris up into the air.

Fender Flare FAQs

These fantastic FAQS tell you all you need to know about Fender Flares!

Do you need Fender Flares?

Fender Flares are made in numerous designs, from low key to big and bold. Most Flares don't need any cutting or drilling, employing existing factory holes to secure.

What are Fender Flares made of?

Most fender flares are made from ABS thermoplastic, a flexible, durable, scratch-proof material.

Do Fender Flares stop rust?

Fender flares do not prevent rust, in fact a little known fact is that they can actually help cause rust! That's because they are not watertight, just secured by bolts on the bottom and a gasket on top.

Can you paint Fender Flares?

You sure can, but results are best on those flares with a smooth surface. If your Fender Flares have the pebbled, grainy finish, the results may not be that great.

How far do Fender Flares stick out?

Unless your vehicle is lifted a minimum of 6" minimum, wheels shouldn't stick out more than 0.5 / 1" from fender flares.

Do you have to drill holes for Fender Flares?

If Fender Flares fit properly, the bottom edge should line up with the bottom of your vehicle's fender and the front will fit nicely against the bumper... but if your vehicle's factory build did not include fender flares, it may be necessary to drill holes in the body.

Can you install Fender Flares without cutting?

Yes! To facilitate this vehicle makers fit fender flares on top-trim versions of their vehicles at the factory.

How are Fender Flares measured?

Hook your tape measure to the outer edge of the tyre, then measure back to the fender and work the tape measure upward at a 90-degree angle, stopping when the tape is level with the fender. The measurement displayed at the 90-degree bend is the amount of coverage you'll need.

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