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Your all-inclusive “super 6” tips for body lift parts.

There are many, many things to learn about parts for body lifts which would take you years of hands-on experience to explore, but a superb place to start on the decision-making process around what body lift parts you need and why, is this “super 6” essential guide to the important stuff.

Take advantage of this “super 6” tips guide to body lift parts. Fitting your car with a lift kit isn't an easy task. A quick walk down any body lift parts aisle in the store can completely confuse you, with so many choices your head spins. But after you've read this “super 6” tips guide, the road ahead will be much clearer.

Do you need a body lift kit?

A body lift kit increases the distance between the body and frame. Thick polymers are used to raise your vehicle's height, but remember body lift kits won't increase the ground clearance - they will however make it possible for you to fit larger tires.

Do you need leveling?

Some kits are made especially to enable leveling on your vehicle, so you need to consider carefully if you need it. For example, you may have one of the SUVs or trucks which have the back level a bit higher than the front, and it may not suit you. Leveling kits are easy to fit.

Should you get a suspension kit?

Suspension kits suspend your vehicle's body, engine, and frame – use one if you want enhanced off-road performance. Just be sure to make small, gradual increments to the boosted height and take the time to get used to it… as it goes higher, your vehicle will start to respond differently.

Think about style, function & brand

When buying body lift parts, style and function are incredibly important - your car is a reflection of your style and good functionality feeds directly into your driving experience. And in this market, there's a lot to be said for choosing an established a brand with a good name from a reputable and knowledgeable supplier.

Explore all the legalities

Some states have tight laws against body lift kits, some do not. So before you purchase, check what your state laws are. And beware, in some circumstances fitting a body lift kit will legally void your insurance, so you need to make sure you have the right insurance policy.

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  1. EF-10-1143
    EFS Extended Ball Joint to suit Nissan Navara D40 2009-2011 ...
    EFS Extended Ball Joint-Nissan Navara D40 2009-2011 (30mm lift)
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  2. EQ-FTN55
    Fuel Tank Navara to suit NP300 03/2015 (150Ltr)
    Fuel Tank Navara-NP300 03/2015 (150Ltr)
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  3. BL-000100
    2021 and on Hilux Body Lift intercooler hose fixit kit (turb...
    The turbo side Intercooler hose on the 2021 Toyota Hilux gets kinked when fittin...
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  4. BL-000042
    VMN Tub Bolt Kit for Hilux Vigo/N70 (2005-15)
    VMN offers complete set of bolts, nuts, and other components suitable for Hilux ...
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  5. BL-000013
    Toyota Hilux 2015-2016 and on (N80) Radiator Drop Bracket Ki...
    VMN's complete kit contains all the bolts and components needed to fit your Hilu...
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  6. BL-000012
    Toyota Hilux Radiator Drop Bracket Kit
    VMN's drop brackets kit ensures your radiator shroud is mounted and retained in ...
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  7. BL-000017
    VMN Tub Bolt Kit N80 (15+) and N70 Extracab
    VMN Tub Bolt Kit includes bolts, nuts, and washers to secure your vehicle's tub ...
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  8. BL-000016
    VMN Hilux Body Lift Tray Bolt Pack suit 2005-2016 and on
    Aside from Cabin Bolt Pack Kit, VMN also offers bolt packs to support your Hilux...
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  9. BL-000036
    Radiator overflow bottle relocation kit For Toyota Hilux 200...
    VMN offers radiator relocation kit to relocate your radiator bottle after a body...
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  10. BL-000015
    Hilux Body Lift Cabin Bolt Pack suit 2005-2016 and on
    VMN's bolt kit includes several bolts needed to secure your cabin after fitting ...
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  11. BL-000011
    Hilux 2005-17+ Body Lift Tray Block Kit
    Aside from our body lift kit, VMN also offers Tray Block kit to raise your Hilux...
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  12. BL-000010
    Hilux 2005-16+ Body Lift Cabin Block Kit
    VMN's Body Lift Cabin Block Kit contains bolts, body lift spacers, and fasteners...
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