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suspension parts suspension parts

When it comes to the perfect suspension, it's all about the other parts.

From top hats and spring seats, to coil spacers, bull joints and U-bolts, there's a plethora of other suspension parts which work together to deliver the overall finely tuned performance. And it's very important that you have a good knowledge around what they do and how they work.

The better you know other suspension parts, the better your suspension will be.

Get to know the other suspension parts, then you'll be able to carefully pick the right supplier to give you access to a huge range of quality products... which will result in you achieving the optimum set-up for your vehicle and a truly enhanced drive experience.

The big players in other suspension parts!

Spring Seats

The upper spring seat is an important yet often overlooked component in your vehicle's suspension system. The upper spring seat gives a cradle for the top of the

Coil Spacers

Coil strut spacers are designed to sit on-top of the strut and create lift, without limiting wheel travel or effecting the drive experience.

Ball Joints

Ball joints are made with a bearing stud and socket which fits nicely inside a lubricated casing. They connect the control arm to the steering knuckles and allow for smooth and solid movement in the suspension. The front suspension of most vehicles have lower ball joints and, in some cases, upper ball joints too.


A U-bolt provides the force required to clamp the leaf spring and related components firmly together. In addition to the leaf spring, these components include the top plate, axle seat, axle and bottom plate.

Shock Struts

Struts are a structural part of the suspension system, attached to the top of the chassis of your vehicle. They provide mounting cradle for the coil spring, and the spring is what regulates the height of the vehicle so there's a plate for the spring.

Bushings, Bearings & Joints

Bushings are cushions made of rubber or polyurethane. They're mounted on car suspensions and steering joints to absorb road bumps, control the amount of movement in the joints and reduce noise and vibration.

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  1. EF-10-1082
    Upgrade your Ford Ranger's driveline with our precision-engineered Driveshaft Sp...
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  2. SCAMB094713LR
    Lower Control Arm to Suit Triton MQ - Pair (L & R)
    Upgrade your Mitsubishi Triton MQ's suspension system with our high-quality fron...
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  3. EF-10-1115
    EFS Driveline Spacer to suit Mitsubishi Triton (30mm lift)
    EFS Driveline Spacer - Mitsubishi Triton (30mm lift)
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  4. EF-10-1142
    EFS Strut Top to suit Dodge Ram 1500 (50mm lift)
    EFS Strut Top-Dodge Ram 1500 DS 3L Diesel & 5.7L V8 Petrol (50mm lift) --...
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  5. EF-C475
    EFS U-Bolt to suit Mitsubishi Triton 2009-2015 (20mm lift)
    EFS U-Bolt-Mitsubishi Triton 2009-2015 (20mm lift)
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  6. EF-10-1118
    EFS Tail Shaft Spacer to suit Isuzu Dmax 2012-2020 (45mm lif...
    EFS Tail Shaft Spacer-Isuzu Dmax 2012-2020 (45mm lift)
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  7. EF-10-1127
    EFS Headlight Adjustment Bracket to suit Suzuki Jimny 11/201...
    EFS Headlight Adjustment Bracket-Suzuki Jimny 11/2018 onward (40mm lift)
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  8. EF-10-1143
    EFS Extended Ball Joint to suit Nissan Navara D40 2009-2011 ...
    EFS Extended Ball Joint-Nissan Navara D40 2009-2011 (30mm lift)
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  9. EF-10-1126
    EFS Cross Member Drop Kit to suit Suzuki Jimny 11-2018 onwar...
    EFS Cross Member Drop Kit-Suzuki Jimny 11-2018 onward (40mm lift)
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  10. EF-10-1051
    EFS Adjustable Panhard Rod-Rear to suit Nissan Patrol GU3 (5...
    EFS Adjustable Panhard Rod-Rear to suit Nissan Patrol GU3 (50mm lift)
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  11. EF-10-1107
    EFS Leaf Spring Spacer Block to suit Mitsubishi Triton 2005-...
    EFS Leaf Spring Spacer Block-Mitsubishi Triton 2005-2009 (20mm lift)
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  12. EF-10-1103
    EFS Headlight Adjustment Bracket to suit Toyota Hilux GUN125...
    EFS Headlight Adjustment Bracket-Toyota Hilux GUN125R 8/2015 onward (40mm lift)
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