You have to admit, a well-executed body lift with attention to wheels and tyres to suit it makes for a pretty cool looking truck.

Body lifts are usually done to allow the fitment of larger tyres. However, there are other equally good reasons to do a body lift as it gets the sills up out of the way, provide more room underneath for the fitment of a second transfer case, provide space to clock the transfer case drive, other train modifications, and allow more space under the vehicle for air tanks and long-range fuel tanks. Just have a look at the approach angle that is released with a body lift when coupled with a 3" lift.

Early after the release of the Toyota Hilux 150 series (also known as the N70 or Vigo), there was quite a bit of mystique surrounding body lifts as nobody had really worked out how to do them until VMN released their first body lift kit for the Toyota Hilux 150 series in late 2009.

This kit makes it super easy to make a statement with a 5" lift (including suspension as well) which is legal provided you arrange appropriate engineering inspections. The VMN body lift is approved by Queensland's TMR and so can be legally fitted in that state.

Is a Body Lift Safe?

Body lifts are an allowed modification under the Australian Design Rules. Obviously body lifts would not be allowed if they were in any way unsafe. Careful attention to detail, however, is required to ensure the body blocks are correctly sized to match the original body mounts otherwise they can result in vehicle damage.

The bulk of the weight of a vehicle is in the chassis, suspension and engine. These components are unaffected by a body lift so therefore, the body lift keeps the centre of gravity lower than an equivalent suspension lift would.

Is A Body Lift Legal?

Vehicle Modifications regulations vary from state to state. In Queensland, body lifts must be signed off by a private engineer. All modifications to your vehicle will be inspected (including tyre sizes) and everything must comply with the vehicle regulations to be approved. Once approved, the private certifier will apply a mod plate to your vehicle that also has the approved tyre size engraved on it. 

Residents of other states should check with the regulatory authority in this state to ascertain what is required for legal fitment of a body lift kit.

Does a Body Lift affect the SRS (Airbags) on my Hilux or Vigo?

No. The airbags are deployed by an SRS Computer located under the console. There are some safing sensors on the body near the radiator. The airbags are deployed when a threshold deceleration is sensed by the SRS computer and the safing sensors are also activated. Because every component dealing with SRS airbag deployment is mounted on the body and the method of an airbag deployment, the Hilux / VigoSRS system is not affected by a body lift.

What's in the VMN Body Lift Kit?

Basically everything you need to do a body lift to a Toyota Hilux built from 2005 and on. Each VMN kit includes all of the components shown in the product photo but the components included may change from one model to the next. For example, the single cab Hilux/Vigo has an extra pair of mounts for the tub and obviously a tray back ute does not need any components to lift the tray.

The VMN Hilux/Vigo Body Lift Kit includes all mounting hardware, all required body lift blocks and radiator drop brackets. A steering shaft extension utilising standard Toyota factory parts is also included. All bolts are zinc plated to minimise rust and all steel parts we manufacture are powder coated with a satin black finish. We also stock other body lift accessories for the Hilux such as bull barssliders and underbody protection.

The VMN body lift has been continually improved since its release in 2009. For example, two additional components have been added to the lineup during 2016 (one of which is now standard in every style side kit).

Furthermore, user feedback has been incorporated into the instructions which have swollen to around 20 pages after accounting for numerous photos so anybody who can change a flat tyre, can fit a body lift. We have shipped body lifts all over the world to Asia, New Zealand, Sweden, Greece and France to name just a few.

Where do I get a VMN Hilux/Vigo Body Lift Kit?

Right here. Follow the link to our online store:

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