The sound of things sliding all around in the back of our ute was starting to get annoying.

Not to mention the paint we were scraping off at every turn. So I asked our Toyota dealer to see if he could round up a tub liner for me. 

It turns out there are two styles. ONe designed to use when fitting a canopy that does not roll over the sides and another that offers full protection by wrapping over the side. We don’t intend fitting a canopy for a while so we went with the one offering the most protection.

So 2-3 days later, the dealer dropped off a brand new tub liner at the VMN workshop. We are able to provide these to our customers at Toyota’s RRP but because of the size, it's not something that we can ship so it is a pick up only item. The kit came in 3 pieces, the liner, the tailgate liner and a fitting kit.

So now a word of advice. Don’t pop the liner in the back until you have fitted the mounting hardware as the liner is very hard to remove later as it clips into place.

We are fitting the liner to a 2019 SR Hilux. Other makes and models might be a bit different.

Start by getting a damp cloth and wipe out the back of your ute and the outside of the tub liner. We don’t want any grit in there grinding holes into the floor of your ute.

So the first thing to do is to mount the clips to the headboard. We used a small screwdriver to locate the bracket over the hole in the headboard which is provided.

Then carefully remove the self-adhesive tape from the securing bracket and lock the front bracket in place.

The next step we had a couple of goes at because the instructions which have been translated from Thai are not that great. You need to remove two bolts from the back corner of the tub.

And pop the tub liner in watching it wraps around either side of the lip near the tailgate. Guide the liner over the front mounting brackets and secure the tub liner

And attach the covers. You might need to give them a gentle tap to get them to clip on properly.

Then its time to replace the bolts at the back you removed earlier with the provided hardware. Assembly of the fasteners was one thing the instructions surprisingly made very clear.

So that's it, the tub liner is fitted. Time to tackle the tailgate liner. Take the time to work out which mounting bolts need to be removed from the tailgate inspection hatch (just lay the liner in position and you’ll work it out soon enough, remove them and fit the 4 mounting bolts.

Fit the mounting bolts as shown in the instructions and clip the covers down.

Slide the long finishing trim over the tub liner, centre it neatly and peel back the self-adhesive while sliding the cover strip firmly against the tailgate liner.

That's it you are done!

Ready for use. It was nice not to have to worry about scratching the ute bed when we picked up a load of folded parts from one of our suppliers. If only finishing them off is going to be easy as fitting the tub liner!

Feel free to contact VMN if you would like us to fit a tub liner for you at our Acacia Ridge facility. We just need a couple of days to notice to have the parts here for you.

Fitting time: Approx 60 minutes