Should I lift my Hilux?

That depends. In general a 2” lift kit is recommended if you are going to go offroad. Few aftermarket suspension brands will provide upgraded suspension to run at factory height. Therefore, by lifting your hilux you will also obtain superior ride and better handling than what you will experience with factory suspension.

You will also have greater ground clearance and may be able to fit larger tyres. Finally, you have to agree that a higher truck looks cool even around town!

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How much does it cost to lift my Hilux?

Installing a quality lift kit matched to your driving style and load carrying requirements range from $1500-$7,000. People will tell you it costs < $400 to lift your Hilux but don’t believe them. Its not possible to safely lift your Hilux without purchasing a full suspension kit. There are  too many broken and damaged front struts by people doing it on the cheap. Please put safety first.

What Suspension lift is best?

Its difficult to provide a single recommendation for a Hilux suspension lift kit without knowing your driving style and offroad driving conditions. Different conditions and budgets will result in different recommendations. Its best to consult with an independent  specialist who is prepared to offer unbiased advice rather than simply attempt to sell what he has in stock.

Does a 2” lift make a difference?

Yes, It definitely does. It is even more apparent if you add a bullbar and winch as the added weight will pull down factory suspension by about 15mm.

What is the best brand of 4x4 Suspension?

Its difficult to pick  a recommended brand without knowing your driving style and offroad driving conditions. Different conditions and budgets will result in different recommendations. Its best to consult with an independent  specialist you can trust who is prepared to offer unbiased advice rather than simply attempt to sell what he has in stock.

Do you need a lift kit to go offroad?

No, but you will go further and travel more safely with lifted suspension due to the higher ground clearance, greater suspension travel amd in some cases greater articulation.

Are suspension lifts bad for your truck?

Not if they are kept to a reasonable height. A 50mm suspension lift will lift your centre of gravity by about 60mm which is well within some manufacturer’s tolerances. By comparison, a 50mm Hilux body lift will only raise the centre of gravity by about 14mm.

Is a body or suspension lift better?

That depends. A Hilux body lift has a much lower impact on the centre of gravity as it is only lifting the body which is typically only one third the overall unladen weight. By comparison, a suspension lift is raising the total sprung weight of the vehicle and typically this increase the centre of gravity more than the suspension lift itself

A suspension lift is usually required to fit larger tyres but a body lit can also make more room for those larger tyres inside the guard.

A body lift’s increased centre of gravity makes little difference to vehicle handling where a suspension lift can increase body roll and a harsh ride if the lift is excessive. At modest heights (around 2”), a suspension lift can significantly improve handling as demonstrated through testing by the AAAA.

Do I need to fit a Diff Drop kit when I lift my Hilux?

You only need to fit a diff drop kit when you lift your Hilux 3” or over to prevent popping CV boots or worse binding the CV possibly damaging your CV.

Do I need to Fit Upper Control Arms when I lift my Hilux?

At 3” of lift Hilux upper control arms are mandatory. At lower lifts they are recommended.. Upper control arms restore camber, provide additional caster for better handling and tyre clearance and increased inner clearances

How high can I lift my Hilux?

It depends on how much work you want to do.  The practical limit is 4” but anything more than 3” will result in reduced down travel which in turn will cause a very rough ride. We consider 3” as being a practical limit without major work.

What is the difference between a body lift kit and a suspension lift kit?

A body lift kit raises the body of your Hilux up above the chassis rails. A Hilux suspension lift increases ride height by inserting higher suspension.

Can I fit a 4” suspension lift kit to my Hilux

You can but its not recommended and will almost absorb all suspension downtravel. This means your suspension cannot do the job its intended to do by conforming to the road surface as you cross potholes so it will result in a very harsh ride.

Can I legally fit extended shackles?

There does not appear to be any restrictions regarding fitment of Hilux extended shackles but check with the transport authorities in your state.

How much lift do extended shackles give my Hilux?

Extended shackles typically lift your Hilux by between 30-40mm

To lift my Hilux by another 1”, how far should I wind up my coilovers?

There is approximately a 2:1 relationship between the ride height and adjustments to the spring seat height. This means that adjusting your Hilux coilovers up by 10mm will increase the ride height by about 20mm

How do I  level out my Hilux front to rear?

From the factory, the rear sits about 1” higher than the front to allow for heavy loads. So by fitting a 3” suspension lift to the front and 2” to the front struts will level your Hilux. Most 3” suspension lift kits are designed this way.

What's the biggest tyre I can fit to my Hilux.

How much work do you want to do? 40” and beyond is not uncommon in some parts of the world but for practical purposes, 32” tyres are an easy fit nad 33” tyres can usually be fitted with some minor trimming.

What is a body mount chop?

This refers to trimming the outer corner of the front body mount to make room for larger tyres.

When do I need to fit swaybar relocators to my Hilux

Swaybar relocators move the swaybar forward to make room for the coil spring when coilovers with coils that are adjusted from the top rather than the bottom. 3” lifts can also benefit from swaybar relocators.

Should I extend my brake lines when I lift my Hilux?

For a 2” lift Hilux extended brake lines is generally not necessary. Typically it is only the rear brake line that requires extending. If you Hilux has ABS brakes you will need to extend two brake lines.

I hear people talk of minor trimming when lifting  a Hilux. What does that mean?

Typically, this means removing the font mudflap and trimming or removing the inner plastic guard and trimming the inner lower corner of the flare. . Sometimes, bashing a seam flat may also be required.

Why does my Hilux ride rough now that I’ve fitted a 3-4” suspension lIft?

Lifting a vehicle is always a compromise. Quite simply you have lifted your Hilux too high and there is no suspension down travel remaining. Therefore, the suspension is unable to do its job. To fix this, you need to lower the ride height of your Hilux.

I’m a tradie and I carry heavy loads. How can I stop my Hilux from sagging in the rear?

The factory rear suspension is rated for about 200 kg of constant load. Aftermarket suspension solves this problem because there are several leaf spring ratings. For really heavy vehicles a leaf spring rated for 500 kg and above of additional constant loads on the rear axle. If you do need to do this, be sure to also fit cargo rated heavy duty rear shock absorbers.

What is a GVM upgrade?

A Gross Vehicle Mass upgrade. Some suspension manufacturers provide suspension kits that have been engineered and approved under the federal Second Stage of Manufacture rules. This is really a workaround due to the restrictive compliance rules in Australia.  A GVM kit is supposed to be fitted before the vehicle is registered and a new surrogate compliance plate is issued. Most states now permit GVM upgrades to be fitted to second hand vehicles but this requires additional engineering costs to enable compliance signoff.

I sometimes tow a heavy trailer/boat/caravan. How can I set my suspension up so the ride is comfortable when not towing?

This is quite hard to achieve. Generally it is better to set your Hilux up for your daily driving condition. Often, having a sag in the rear for the odd camping trip or towing a boat can be tolerated.  Some people recommend installing airbags so the additional weight can be supported but these can add a single point load to the chassis where it was never designed to have one. This can and have resulted in cracked, bent or broken chassis. If you do go this way, make sure they are only used as helper springs that do not fully support the load.