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Hilux Diff and Transmission Breather kit

Diff Breathers

VMN offers this comprehensive diff breather tubes that filter the airflow before it enters to your driveline components. 

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This Diff and Transmission breather kit prevents water ingress to vital parts of your drive train. For example, the Toyota Hilux has diff breathers for the front and rear diffs, the transfer case and the transmission.  The so-called factory diff breathers are not really breathers at all but are one-way outlet valves. When I first fitted diff breathers to my Hilux I distinctly recall the hissing sound of air entering the diff when I removed my factory rear diff breather. 

What happens is that as the diff gets hot, the air is expelled from the housing and a vacuum is created inside the diff when it cools. If you go through a water crossing, rapid cooling of the diff and axle housings exacerbates this vacuum and water and slush can be drawn into the diff housing via the axle seals. This can result in very expensive to repair the damage. 

If you are serious about driving your Hilux offroad, it is essential that the factory diff breathers are replaced and the air inlet to the diffs run-up to a high, safe place in the engine bay, probably on the firewall. It is also a simple matter to pick up the breathers from the transfer case when doing this.

This kit designed by Harrop takes this one step further as it has 4 separate breather tubes for the two diffs, transfer case and transmission that are fed to a small manifold. The breather is then run into the air cleaner housing so only clean filtered air can enter the vital driveline components. Common sense says this is the best place to terminate the diff breather because if the engine air inlet is full of water and muck you have far more pressing problems than a bit of muck in your diffs!

As shown in the short video below, even Harrop themselves use this diff breather kit in their own Toyota Hilux.

You can download the fitting instructions here.

This diff breather kit features:

  • Billet aluminium manifold breather block
  • Left or right mounting capability
  • 4 line input
  • Fully sealed system
  • No filters
  • Perfect Diff breather for the Toyota Hilux 


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