Direction Plus Diesel Pre-filter for Toyota Hilux 2015-17+

Direction Plus Diesel Pre-filter for Toyota Hilux 2015-17+

N80/Revo/GGUN 11/2019 and on

VMN offers Direction plus Diesel Fuel-filter Kit to help maintain your vehicle's fuel injection system's life as well as its power delivery.

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This is a complete diesel pre-filter kit for the Toyouta Hilux 2015-17+

With the rapid growth in the number of diesel vehicles in Australia, there is a trend towards protecting these vehicles against the harsh Australian climate.

It is easy to think that fuel contamination is something that happens “in the bush”. NOT TRUE! Did you know that 72% of all Diesel Fuel Injection System failures are caused by water and fuel lubricity problems? It is in fact true that you can pick up water contamination from Hobart to Cairns, Sydney to Freemantle and everywhere in between. This can occur from simply filling up fuel at the local patrol station. It does not matter how much precaution is taken to transport diesel fuel to various depots, water has the ability to enter storage tanks and ultimately your fuel system.

The same applies for industrial power (generators). As generators often sit stationery in the one place for long periods of time, water condensation will eventually enter the fuel tank and mix with diesel if not properly stored.

Hence, Direction Plus™ strives to ensure that owners of passenger vehicles have the ability to protect their diesel fuel system through Direction Plus™ Diesel Fuel Pre-Filter kits.

How do you know if your Vehicle has Water / Particle Contamination?

  • Loss of RPM/Power
  • Blows excessive smoke
  • Has a foul odour
  • Shudders and shakes at all speeds
  • Suddenly stops while driving/hard to start

Did you know that the cost of repairing your fuel system could be as high as $12,000 if left unchecked?

Features & Benefits of using a DIRECTION PLUS™ Diesel Fuel Pr-Filter Kit

  • 95% whole water separation and superior particle contamination removal
  • Ability to separate emulsified water (water mixed with diesel) from Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel
  • Has a clear water drainage bowl to easily identify water
  • Does not have a filter bypass – meaning contaminated fuel will not be sent to the fuel system when the filter becomes blocked
  • Kits can be installed in under 1 hour
  • Increases the reliability of your Diesel Vehicle

Why are DIRECTION PLUS™ Diesel Fuel Pre-Filter Kits so important to Common Rail Diesel Fuel Injection Systems?

Diesel acts as a lubricant and moves around the fuel injection system freely, until it is placed under ultra-high pressure and burnt in a gas like state to drive the vehicle. This makes the fuel injection system very susceptible to particle contamination and more importantly water damage.

Are you able to remember back to the days before ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphr Diesel) and LSD (Low Sulphur Diesel)? Do you remember having to drain the water out of your 4×4 fuel filters? Most of us do. But we haven’t had to do it for a long time have we? The answer to this is the change in the fuel itself. Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel that we have today, suspends water in the fuel. This is called emulsified fuel. This means you cant see it in normal circulation like “whole water” which is separate in the bottom of the fuel bowl. The Direction Plus Fuel Kits are designed to remove water contamination above all else, even the water you cant see.

As the Australian and New Zealand climate fluctuates between hot and cold weather conditions, water condensation starts to develop. The water molecules from this condensation enter the fuel system and mixes with diesel to reduce the overall lubricity of diesel within the fuel system. This causes friction damage with internal components and as metal particles start to break off and move around the fuel system, this is where damage starts to compound and impact other parts and components within the fuel system.

Most diesel vehicles are fitted with a 2-5 micron final filter (size of bacteria) installed by the O.E.M to remove the finer contamination. The Direction Plus™ Diesel Fuel Pre-Filter kits utilise a 30 micron filter (size of lint) which is specifically selected to remove the majority of dirt, rocks, dust, rust, scale, yeasts, mould, bacteria, algae, acid and most importantly water that may be present in the fuel before it enters the engine.

By installing the Direction Plus™ Diesel Fuel Pre-Filter Kit in your vehicle you are helping to maintain the life of your fuel injection system and maintain system power delivery.

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